RC-8DS Dissolution tester

The Dissolution Equipment RC-8DS consist of: a control system, electric system, water bath system, transmission system, elevation system, transduction unit, pallet unit, and twisting basket unit, etc.    

Characteristics: reasonable structure; automatic and simplified operation; precision and accurate sensibility; low noise and errors; stable functioning. 

Structure of the RC-8DS Dissolution equipment is formed by a base, pedestal, electric box, control box, frontal and rear panels. 

 Frontal panel includes:

  • LED Temperature Display
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Temperature switch (programmed temperature / temperature control)
  • LED speed display
  • Performance Indicator
  • Performance control button (programmed speed / rotation control).
  • Real time / program control button (programmed state / time real state)
  • RESET button (for new programming)
  • Time button
  • UPSWING  Control (upward impact)
  • STOP button (stop)
  • Descent Control




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